12 Jul, 2018

2X Finishing Site Managers

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Full time Engineering

Job Description

Strong Group are acting on behalf of their client are recruiting for a site manager.
The Site Managers role is to ensure the project runs according to the programme. Working under the senior/Project Manager, the Site Manager can either be managing a sub-section of a site or the whole site including managing a site management team, depending on the size and value of the project. Some of these duties can be delegated to their site management team.

The Site Manager is responsible for managing Health & Safety requirements properly in line with current CDM 2015 regulations.

The role also includes:

* Sites are so organised that work is carried out to the required standard with the minimum risk for injury and or ill health.
* They understand the requirements of the applicable legislation and the Company's Health & Safety Policy, the legal requirements are observed on site and that all registers, records and reports are in order.
* The Construction Phase Plan (CPP) is fully implemented during construction phase and reviewed by senior management.
* All employees are given precise instructions on their responsibilities for the correct working methods.
* All employees/visitors are inducted, made aware of site hazards, the emergency procedures and welfare facilities.
* Provisions are made for the delivery and stacking of materials to avoid unnecessary handling.
* The electricity supply is installed and maintained so as not to present a risk of injury with certification in place.
* The work environment/site is kept tidy.
* Only competent contractors are employed to carry out works on our behalf.
* All plant is operated by trained and experienced personnel.
* All levels of employees receive adequate and appropriate training in their tasks.
* Ensure that contractors coordinate and communicate their activities to avoid any potential unsafe interfaces.
* Machinery and plant, including hand tools are maintained in good condition.
* All hazardous materials are correctly marked, stored, handled and used (COSHH)
* The adequate first aid equipment is available on site and that employees know where it is kept and who are trained to give first aid.
* Employees are not required or permitted to take known, unnecessary risk.
* They cooperate with the Safety, Health and Environmental manager and act on his/her recommendations.
* Disciplinary action is taken against employees who contravene the requirements of the legislation or the Company's Health & Safety Policy.
* Work is carried out in accordance with the relevant method statement and risk assessments.
* Provide the senior project manager with weekly progress reports for all sub contractors.
* Provide the senior project manager with weekly look ahead programmes.
* Ensure daily diaries are compiled and up to date by the site team.
* Manage drawings and documents received on site.
* CVI'S/RFI'S Ensure confirmation of verbal instructions are recorded daily as necessary and reported to the project team in a timely manner.
* Ensure request for information is recorded daily.
* Keep a tidy and systematic set of files for site documentation and publish all documentation that may have a contractual implication on the project.
* Chair weekly subcontract progress meeting in conjunction with the M&E coordination manager record and report to senior project manager/team.
* Coordinate day and night works with the site management team
* Walk the site regularly throughout the day to monitor safety operations and environmental conditions.
* Review temporary works, any temporary works that exist for more than one month should be reviewed by the design team. These meetings should be recorded, any items of concern raised should be actioned immediately and prior to works recommencing, record and report to senior project manager and the temporary works coordinator.

The salary is based on experience (£40,000 - £50,000)

If you are interested please send your CV to (url removed) or call Terri on

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