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Computer/Data/Information Security Coordinator Job Description

 Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

SUMMARY : Plans, coordinates, and implements security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure by performing the following duties.

DUTIES : Confers with management, programmers, risk assessment staff, auditors, facilities and security departments, and other personnel to identify and plan for data security for data, software applications, hardware, telecommunications, and computer installations.

Develops, communicates, and implements data and computer security policies and procedures.

Analyzes, selects, recommends, and coordinates installation of security software, locks, alarm systems, and other security measures.

Works with external service providers and vendors to identify, select, and implement backup and archiving software, hardware, and processes.

Develops and implements tests of computer systems to monitor effectiveness of security.

Assigns and maintains user login and passwords.

Overrides system security or gives authority to override to others.

Reviews computer logs and messages to identify and report on possible violations of security.

Coordinates, documents, and reports on internal investigations of possible security violations.

Works with law enforcement and legal representatives in investigations of possible security violations.

Develops, coordinates, and implements disaster or emergency recovery procedures for information systems and computer environment.


Computer Security Specialist Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Regulates access to computer data files, monitors data file use, and updates computer security files by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Assigns, documents, and maintains computer login codes, passwords, and access profiles for software applications, network access, and telecommunications systems.

Reviews computer reports, files, and messages to identify instances of possible security infractions.

Tests computer systems to evaluate effectiveness of security.

Responds to inquiries regarding data and computer security, policies, and procedures.

Installs security identification and apparatus to computer hardware and peripherals.

Modifies security files to add, modify, or delete users' access.

Maintains data-encryption software programs and keys.

Schedules and runs data backup and archiving functions.

Transports or coordinates transport of backup and archived data files to storage facilities.

Assists in the planning, communication, testing, and implementation of disaster recovery procedures.


Computer Systems Engineer/ Hardware Analyst Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Analyzes data processing requirements to plan data processing system that will provide system capabilities required for projected work loads, and plans layout and installation of new system or modification of existing system by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Confers with data processing and project managers to obtain information on limitations and capabilities of existing system and capabilities required for data processing projects and projected work load.

Evaluates factors such as number of departments serviced by data processing equipment, reporting formats required, volume of transactions, time requirements and cost constraints, and need for security and access restrictions to determine hardware configurations.

Analyzes information to determine, recommend, and plan layout for type of computers and peripheral equipment, or modifications to existing equipment and system, that will provide capability for proposed project or work load, efficient operation, and effective use of allotted space.

Enters data into computer terminal to store, retrieve, and manipulate data for analysis of system capabilities and requirements.

Specifies power supply requirements and configuration.

 Recommends purchase of equipment to control dust, temperature, and humidity in area of system installation.

Trains users to use new or modified equipment.

Monitors functioning of equipment to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications.


Data Communications Analyst Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Researches, tests, evaluates, and recommends data communications hardware and software by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES :Identifies areas of operation which need upgraded equipment such as modems, fiber optic cables, and telephone wires.

 Conducts survey to determine user needs.

Reads technical manuals and brochures to determine equipment which meets establishment requirements.

Visits vendors to learn about available products or services.

Tests and evaluates hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with existing system.

Analyzes test data and recommends hardware or software for purchase.

Develops and writes procedures for installation, use, and solving problems of communications hardware and software.

Monitors system performance.

Trains users in use of equipment.

Assists users to identify and solve data communication problems.

Writes technical specifications to send to vendors for bid.

Oversees or assists in installation of communications hardware.

Performs minor equipment repairs.


Data Communications Technician Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Installs and repairs data communications lines and equipment for computer system by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Reviews work orders to move, change, install, repair, or remove data communications equipment such as modems, cables, and wires.

 Reads technical manuals to learn correct settings for equipment.

Measures, cuts, and installs wires and cables.

Splices wires or cables.

Connects microcomputer or terminal to data communication lines.

Disassembles equipment and inspects and tests wiring to locate and repair problem.

Modifies equipment in accordance with user request.

Tests communication lines to ensure that specifications are met.

Enters commands into computer to test equipment.

Reads messages on computer screen to verify that data is being transmitted between locations according to specifications.

Plans layout and installation of data communications equipment.

Demonstrates use of equipment.

 Data Recovery Planner Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Develops, coordinates implementation of, and tests plans to continue data processing and telecommunications systems activities at off-site location in case of emergencies by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Develops plans to continue information systems functions at other locations in the event of a disaster, such as a major power outage, fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, or other event that interrupts normal computer operations.

 Consults with management and other personnel regarding needs for data, computers, and communications, personnel requirements, processing schedules, and regulatory and legal responsibilities.

Evaluates need for and arranges off-site facilities for data archiving, storage, and access.

Locates, inspects, and contracts for off-site facilities and equipment for resuming computer operations in the event of a disaster.

Consults with departments to identify key personnel and contacts and establishes notification processes for communicating in the event of emergencies.

Develops, documents, and communicates disaster recovery procedures and information throughout the organization.

Implements and coordinates tests of disaster recovery plans and procedures.

Coordinates development and implementation of disaster recovery operations with local and government emergency agencies and external service providers.

Manages the implementation of disaster recovery plans in the event of a disaster or emergency that interrupts normal information system operations.


 Database Administrator Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Coordinates physical changes to computer databases; and codes, tests, and implements physical database by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Designs logical and physical databases or reviews description of changes to database design to understand how changes to be made affect physical database (how data is stored in terms of physical characteristics such as location, amount of space, and access method).

 Establishes physical database parameters.

Codes database descriptions and specifies identifiers of database to database management system or directs others in coding database descriptions.

Calculates optimum values for database parameters such as amount of computer memory to be used by database.

Specifies user access level for each segment of one or more data items such as insert, replace, retrieve, or delete data.

Specifies which users can access databases and what data can be accessed by user.

Tests and corrects errors, and refines changes to database.

Enters codes to create production database.

Selects and enters codes of utility program to monitor database performance such as distribution of records and amount of available memory.

Directs programmers and analysts to make changes to database management system.

Reviews and corrects programs.

Trains users.

Answers user questions.

Confers with co-workers to determine impact of database changes on other systems and staff cost for making changes to database.

Modifies database programs to increase processing performance, referred to as performance tuning.


Database Design Analyst Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Designs logical and physical databases and coordinates database development as part of project team by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES :Reviews project request describing database user needs.

 Estimates time and cost required to accomplish project.

Determines if project requires creating series of new programs or modifying existing programs that access data stored in databases.

Attends specification meeting with project team workers to determine scope and limitations of project.

Reviews workflow chart developed by Programmer Analyst to understand tasks computer will perform, such as updating records.

Reviews procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database such as defining, creating, revising, and controlling database.

Revises company definition of data as defined in data dictionary (information about data, including name, description, source of data item, and key words for categorizing and searching for data item descriptions).

Determines and enters changes to data dictionary descriptions, including type, structure, and intended use of data within system.

Develops data model describing data elements and how they are used.

Creates description to enable Programmer Analyst to understand how programs should access data.

Writes description of how user accesses data, referred to as logical database.

Writes physical database description such as location, space requirements, and access method, to protect company data resources against unauthorized access and accidental destruction.

Desktop Publisher Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Electronically designs and produces printed materials such as advertisements, brochures, newsletters, and forms by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Prioritizes, tracks, handles, and maintains records of the elements, costs, and time schedules of multiple projects.


Consults with client or supervisor to evaluate individual project needs.

Prepares cost estimate for project within quality specifications, financial constraints, and time schedule for project.

Reviews client order. Creates or reviews specifications, including fonts, page layout grid for text and artwork, paper, and printing processes.

Selects, supervises, and obtains cost estimates from outside vendors such as photographers, illustrators, paper suppliers, or printers.

Transfers text into computer using keyboard, scanner, modem, or disk.

Transfers artwork into computer using scanner, modem, or disk.

Resizes and modifies artwork on-screen, and creates new artwork using illustration or graphing programs.

Operates stat camera to produce Photostats.

 Operates automatic film developer to process photographs.

Positions text and artwork on page grid, formats text according to font specifications, and copy fits.

Transfers completed material onto paper, film, or disk.

Checks proofs.

Monitors quality and costs of paper, ink, printing, and binding.

Reviews quality of final product before release to client.

Invoices clients for accounts receivable, and approves payment of vendors and other expenses.


Help Desk Manager Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Supervises and coordinates activities of workers who provide problem solving support to computer users by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES: Establishes help desk system for task management and tracking, and selects appropriate database and workflow tools.

 Creates long-term strategies for growth and maintenance of help desk department, and makes budgetary recommendations to upper management.

Trains help desk staff to answer and resolve incoming calls.

Solves, or assists help desk representatives in solving, nonroutine or complex software, hardware, and procedure problems.

Analyzes help desk activity and makes recommendations for changes in help desk procedures and systems to upper management.

Confers with staff, computer users, supervisors, and managers to determine requirements for new or modified software and hardware.

Writes recommendations for management review.

Coordinates installation of hardware and software, and implementation of procedure changes.


Help Desk Representative Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Investigates and resolves software and hardware problems of computer users by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Answers, evaluates, and prioritizes incoming telephone, voice mail, e-mail, and in-person requests for assistance from users experiencing problems with hardware, software, networking, and other computer-related technologies.

Interviews user to collect information about problem and leads user through diagnostic procedures to determine source of error.

Determines whether problem is caused by hardware such as modem, printer, cables, or telephone.

Handles problem recognition, research, isolation, resolution and follow-up for routine user problems, referring more complex problems to supervisor or technical staff.

Logs and tracks calls using problem management database, and maintains history records and related problem documentation.

Prepares standard statistical reports, such as help desk incident reports.

Analyzes and evaluates incident reports and makes recommendations to reduce help line incident rate.

Consults with programmers to explain software errors or to recommend changes to programs.

Calls software and hardware vendors to request service regarding defective products.

Tests software and hardware to evaluate ease of use and whether product will aid user in performing work.

Writes software and hardware evaluation and recommendation for management review.

Writes or revises user training manuals and procedures.

Develops training materials such as exercises and visual displays.

Trains users on software and hardware on-site or in classroom, or recommends outside contractors to provide training.

Installs personal computers, software, and peripheral equipment

 Network Technician Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Provides network support to operational computer networks by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES :Assembles and configures network components and associated services.

 Sets up and maintains basic network operations, including assembly of network hardware, and provides assistance to the network administrator.

Performs network troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common network problems.

Upgrades network hardware and software components as required.

Installs, upgrades and configures network printing, directory structures, rights, security, software and files services.

Provides users with network technical support.

 Responds to needs and questions of users concerning their access of network resources.

Establishes network users, user environments, directories, and security for networks being installed.

Installs and tests necessary software and hardware.

 Systems Analyst Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Analyzes user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing or to improve existing computer system by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Confers with personnel of organizational units involved to analyze current operational procedures, identify problems, and learn specific input and output requirements such as forms of data input, how data is to be summarized, and formats for reports.

 Writes detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer program.

Reviews computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations to determine if requested program or program change is possible within existing system.

Studies existing information processing systems to evaluate effectiveness and develops new systems to improve production or workflow as required.

Prepares workflow charts and diagrams to specify in detail operations to be performed by equipment and computer programs and operations to be performed by personnel in system.

Conducts studies pertaining to development of new information systems to meet current and projected needs.

Plans and prepares technical reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals as documentation of program development.

Upgrades system and corrects errors to maintain system after implementation.

Assists Computer Programmer in resolution of work problems related to flow charts, project specifications, or programming.

Prepares time and cost estimates for completing projects.

Directs and coordinates work of others to develop, test, install, and modify programs.

 Systems Quality Assurance Analyst Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Evaluates and tests software programs to verify that programs function according to specifications and standards by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES :Tests software programs to compare to specifications and documentation.

 Identifies, analyzes, and documents defects, questionable functions, errors, and inconsistencies in software program functions, outputs, online screens, and content.

Establishes benchmarks for program efficiency in operating and response times.

Creates test cases and test data.

Creates and executes automated test scripts using testing software programs.

Installs, maintains, and uses testing software programs.

Responds to inquiries from users and technical support regarding functions and operations of software programs.

Contributes to establishment of standards and procedures for program design and testing.

Recommends program improvements or revisions to programmers and system analysts.

Reviews computer logs and reports to identify program processing errors and possible improvements.

Coordinates testing by users and third parties.

Identifies program variances from standards and suggests modifications to conform.

Assists users to isolate possible problems in software after implementation.

Conducts compatibility tests with other software programs, hardware, multiple operating systems, and network environments.

Monitors program performance after implementation to prevent recurrence of program operating problems and ensure efficiency of operation.

Documents, tracks, and communicates test plans, test results, analysis, and unresolved problems.

Develops computer programs to test, track, and verify defects in software programs.

Trains and supports users.

Reviews and contributes to software program documentation

 Web Master Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Develops, organizes, and manages Web sites by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Consults with design, technical, and marketing staff to plan Web site development.

 Develops technical architecture of Web sites including scripting, database design, and user interface design.

Refreshes Web site content to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information and images.

Stays abreast of industry trends and all applicable technologies, including scripting, security issues, authoring tools, graphic design tools, and new languages.

Integrates new technologies into Web site.

Answers or forwards to management any Web site-related e-mail questions from users.

Communicates with other personnel regarding technical requirements of Web site and upcoming projects or events related to Web site.

Analyzes traffic to Web site and recommends any necessary programming changes.

Manages transfer of files and memory allocation for Web site on the server.

Creates automatic systems of data and content storage on Web site.

Provides technical support and participates in employee Web site training.

Collaborates with external vendors on special Web site events, promotions, marketing campaigns, or specific design projects.

Works with information services and other internal divisions to create internal Web sites running on proprietary intranets.

 Web Reporting Specialist Job Description

Job Category: IT Software Engineering Jobs in London UK & Los Angeles

 SUMMARY : Evaluates effectiveness of the Web site and makes recommendations for improvements by tracking traffic patterns, length of visits, and most utilized features of the Web site by performing the following duties.

 DUTIES : Identifies key metrics for monitoring visits to the Web site.

 Establishes time lines for analysis and recommendations of Web statistics.

Provides recommendations for improvements and changes to the Web site based on metrics and subsequent analysis of those metrics.

Tracks number of visitors to and length of stay at Web site.

Tracks the number of pages visitors must navigate to get to the information they seek.

Tracks Web sites visited by users before they visit the company site to assist in developing a marketing profile of site visitors.

Tracks number of links utilized by visitors to determine the most valuable information contained on a Web site.

Monitors hits on banner advertising and determines effectiveness of ads.

Analyzes trends of visitors and recommends additions, deletions, and changes to Web site content, features, and functionality based on detailed analysis of all metrics gathered on the Web site.

Analyzes feedback sent to the Web master by site visitors for trends and recommendations, and to determine the success of the goals/objectives of the Web site.


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